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How to Back up a Transaction Log in an SQL Server

In the SQL Server, the transaction log will include all deletions, insertions, and edit operations done on the associated database tables. The tables will include the information for all of the users of web and desktop applications. If an end-user has database administrator access, he or she can recover information using the transaction log backup. This capability is beneficial if there is data that has corrupted or deleted in error. By using the transaction log, administrators are able to fix potentially damaging issues with data correctness. Step 1 – Select the Windows “Start” button. Step 2 – Click the “All Programs” and “SQL Server” menu options. Step 3 – Select the “SQL Server Management Studio” icon to open the SQL database console. Step 4 – Right click the database to conduct the transaction log backup operation on located on the left-hand side of the program window. Step 5 – Click the “Back Up” menu option which will launch the database backup wizard. Step 6 – Input the database name in the “Database” input or text box. Step 7 – Choose the “Full” menu option to backup the complete transaction log. Step 8 – Choose “Transaction Log” from the “Backup Type” menu. Step 9 – Input a name and description for the database transaction log backup in the appropriate text box. Step 10 – Choose the “Add” menu button and then pick a location for the backup files to be saved. The location can be on the computer or on an external drive. Step 11– Choose the “Add” button again to save the location. Step 12 – Select the “Backup” menu button to start the process. This will also select the default options for the backup operation. Depending on the size of the log and database, the process can take up to several minutes to conclude.