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Database Administration

      Database administration is extremely important in managing data. Every organization or enterprise needs database administrators that are responsible for the database environment. Database administrators are usually given the authority to do tasks that involve recoverability, integrity, security, availability, performance, and development & testing support. Recoverability is usually defined as a way to store data as back up and then test the back ups to make sure that they are valid. The task of integrity means that data that is pulled for certain records or files are in fact valid and have high data integrity. Data integrity is extremely important especially when creating reports or when data is used for analysis. If data is deemed invalid, the results will be worthless. Database security is an essential task for database administrators. For instance, database administrators are usually in charge of giving clearance and access to certain databases or trees in an organization. Another important task is availability. Availability is defined as making sure a database is up and running. The more the up time, the higher the productivity level. Performance is related to availability and requires getting the most out of the hardware, applications, and data as possible. Performance is usually in relation to an organization’s budget, physical equipment, and resources. Finally, a database administrator is usually involved in database development and testing support. Database administrators are always trying to push the envelope, trying to get more use out of the data, and adding better performing and more powerful applications, hardware, and resources to the database structure. A database that is administered correctly is not only a sign of a competent database administrator, but it also means that all end users have a huge resource in the data that is available. This makes it easy to create reports, conduct analysis and make high quality decisions based on data that is collected and used within the organization.